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This course helps one to identify the right of project . Check the profitabiliy of a Project, The duration or time that would be required to set up a project and then what are the pros and cons and what would the returns be.<br/>Optimum analysis and utilisation of Resources is what is Project and Operations Management all about .How to ahieve the most optimum results with a certain resources provided.

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Project & Operations Managements : Project & Operations Managements Deepak Chellani B.E. Chemical, CFA

Definition of Project : Definition of Project By PMI, “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service” Project management and operation management are two different processes

Projects versus Operations : 3 Projects versus Operations Projects Performed by people Constrained by limited resources Planned, executed and controlled Temporary Unique Operations Performed by people Constrained by limited resources Planned, executed and controlled Ongoing Repetitive

Project Characteristics : Project Characteristics Unique Activities Attainment of Specific Goal Sequence of Activities Interrelated Activities

Project Parameters : Project Parameters Scope Quality Time Cost Resources

Relationship between project parameters : Relationship between project parameters All the parameters are interrelated and hence play and important role in getting desired output.

Classification of Projects : Classification of Projects Based on Characteristics: Business value Risk level Time span Complexity of task Monetary value of project

Definition of a Program : Definition of a Program “A program is a group of projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.”

Project Management : 9 Project Management Identifying requirements Establishing clear and achievable objectives Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost

What is project management? : 10 What is project management? Application of : Knowledge Skills Tools and techniques To project activities to meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations while using resources efficiently and effectively

Important in PM : Important in PM Relationship with Other Management Disciplines: Finance, HR, Operations, Logistics, R&D & Marketing Relationship with Line Mangers

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Project Stakeholders : Project Stakeholders “Individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project, or whose interest may be positively or negatively affected as result of project execution or successful project completion”

Who are a Project stakeholders? : 14 Who are a Project stakeholders? Project manager Customer Sponsor Team Parent organization

The project management team must: : 15 The project management team must: Identify stakeholders Determine their needs and expectations Manage and influence those expectations

Organizational Influences : Organizational Influences Organization systems Organizational Culture & style Organizational Structure Functional Organization Project-based Organization Matrix Organization

Impact of organizational structure on the PM : Impact of organizational structure on the PM Authority Communication Priority Focus Chain of Command

Socio-economic Influences : Socio-economic Influences Standards & Regulations Internationalization Culture

Environmental & Legal Influences : Environmental & Legal Influences This influence have a major impact on the successful completion of a project.

Project phases and Life Cycle : Project phases and Life Cycle Concept Feasibility Planning Execution Termination Management

Project Life Cycle : Project Life Cycle Evaluation Phase (The Wrap-up) DO PLAN REVIEW Conception Phase (The Idea) Definition Phase (The Plan) Initiation Phase (The Team) Implementation Phase (The Work)

Project Ideas Generation And Screening : Project Ideas Generation And Screening

Generating Project Ideas : Generating Project Ideas Changing customer needs and preferences, new technologies, shortened product life cycle and increased competition force the project manager to be innovative

Creativity and Idea Generation : Creativity and Idea Generation

Stages of Creativity : Stages of Creativity

Levels of Creativity : Levels of Creativity Individual creativity Group Creativity Nominal Group Technique Checklist Black box Brainstorming Delphi Technique Attribute listing

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Deepak Chellani
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