Matlab Examples: Amplitude Modulation using Simulink

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http://www.FreedomUniversity.TV. Here is an example of using Matlab to demonstrate Amplitude Modulation. The demo does not provide any mathematical background. However, you can visually see what the concept of amplitude modulation is all about. There are two types of modulation scheme: Double sideband Suppressed Carrier AM (DSB-SC AM) and Double Sideband Large Carrier AM (DSB-LC AM). To recover the original message found in DSB-SC AM will require some sophisticated circuitry like phased-locked loops PLL). PLL is used to implement the concept of coherent detection since it requires precise knowledge of how the transmitted carrier behaves. On the other hand, to recover DSB-LC AM, only a simple envelope detector is needed. Envelope detection requires a simple diode, a resistor and capacitor. It does not require the phase information of the transmitted carrier. Envelope detection is also known as non-coherent detection. To understand this demo thoroughly will require knowledge of Fourier Analysis and convolution found elsewhere at Freedom University.


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am modulation

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