Active Learning by Dr. Nellie Deutsch

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Who is the teacher? Active learning is about learning by teaching. But is that possible? Can students learn on their own without a formal teacher?

In 1999, Sugata Mitra hole in the wall experiment proved that teaching is indeed a way to learn. He placed a PC with a high speed Internet connection in the hole in the wall in the slums of Delhi. He added a hidden camera in the area so he could document what was happening. The children were able to learn without a teacher. How did that happen?

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Really thanks Dr. Nellie Deutsch for this wonderful post on Active Learning...i am also a teacher and spending times to learn as much as i can. I also written an article about the active learning on blog and more

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I like the idea of active learning, and especially its effectiveness. We tried this method in our team and monitored progress by weeks. In principle, I can already say that writing my dissertation has become much more coSee more

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