Using Collaborative Mindmap with Moodle

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Creation, management, and maintenance of knowledge are important eLearning issues. Knowledge can be represented in relation to other knowledge. Well defined relationship is core property of good knowledge representation. Among various knowledge manipulation tools, mindmap is very informal and simple compare to concept map, but it is very easy and flexible to use. Mindmap can be applied to various knowledge fields such as learning and business. There are some mindmap application software and services, but web-based mindmap are mostly Adobe Flash or special plug-in based. OKmindmap is a cross browsing mindmap service. This service doesn’t need any installation of plug-in for Web browser. Many users can collaboratively work on same mindmap from different place. Twitter posts, Facebook posts, Delicious bookmarking, and Google search results can be integrated by using mash up service. The teaching will be more interactive and collaborative with this tool features. It can be used for knowledge delivery, sharing, and reusing. For learning, this tool can be used as presentation tool, collaborative activity facilitator, and information organizer. The implementations of each use case will be proposed as prototypes and running tips will be addressed.

Dr. Won Ho is professor at Kongju National University. ISO/IEC Dr. Won Ho is a member of JTC1/SC36, Jinotech Consulting Professor, Korean Moodle User, and Community member and Vice President of eLearning Society.

From 2009 to 2011, Professor Won Ho was a committee chair for planning two eLearning Korean National Projects.

In 2006, he was the consulting professor for Cyber Home Learning System of KERIS.

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Okay overview but not exactly what I am looking for.

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