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Learn English online through WizIQ education online with Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced English language teacher. LEO is for you if you are busy or don’t wish to pay the high tuition required to learn English. Perhaps you feel that the cost of learning English in a classroom with other students is not effective. Perhaps you would like to have individual lessons, but cannot afford the cost. In LEO, you will speak, read, write, and listen and connect with other learners worldwide. About Learning English Online: In LEO, you will be able to participate in discussions, ask questions about grammar, writing, reading, listening and other areas of language learning, and to connect with other learners from around the world. LEO is a full 3 month long workshop led by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced English teacher. You will have a chance to access course material as a learner and practice what you read about in your individual area as a learner. The more you explore, experiment, engage and exchange information with other members of the groups you join, the more satisfying the experience of learning online will be. Success with Learning English Online requires you to be actively involved in reading the content (tutorials) and practicing the things they learn, responding to the topics and to each others’ responses in the discussions forms, doing the assignments, asking questions, responding to others’ questions, and adding comments in the support forums. There is a great deal of satisfaction for both the learner and facilitator in online learning. I highly recommend being involved as an active participant in this learning environment. The experience of being an active learner will not only be rewarding, but will lead you to becoming a more effective facilitator of your own online and face-to-face courses if you wish to teach in the future or are currently teaching. So, become an active participant today. The next course will begin on July 15, 2012. Participants will be e


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English educator. You will get an opportunity to get to course material as a student and practice what you read about in your individual zone as a student. The more you investigate, explore, connect with and trade data with different individuals from the gatherings you join, the all the more fulfilling the experience of learning on the web will be. Accomplishment with Learning English Online expects you to be effectively associated with perusing the substance (instructional exercises) and rehearsing the things they get the hang of, reacting to the subjects and to every others' reactions in the talks frames, doing the assignments, making inquiries, reacting to others' inquiries, and including remarks in the help gatherings. There is a lot of fulfillment for both the student and facilitator in web based learning.
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