Ethics of Illegal Tethering

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For all those learners who wants to know about Illegal Tethering and related issues.

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M. Anton

The only reason carriers ban tethering is to generate additional revenue by "sticking" it to you to buy an aircard/USB dongle. If you have a capped data plan, how you get it is irrelevant. And the same goes for unlimited plans.

2093 days 6 minutes ago

M. Anton

First off, tethering is not "illegal". It is NOT a criminal infraction nor a misdemeanor. It is simply a violation of your contract or TOS. The only exception to this is if you have hacked into a carriers network and are receiving service for free. What you do with your paid for data is your business and only your business unless it's related to criminal acSee more

2093 days 13 minutes ago

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