Maha Self Development Program

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The determination and contemplation for self-development ( Maha Atma Vikash Yoga) is 'MahaManan'.‘MahaManan’– the path of blooming consciousness. We are just like the opening of a lotus flower – from seed to bud to full blooming. We all are travelers on that Way of Self-Realization– self-development. Since the remote past, we are arousing from a sleeping state of consciousness to the Awakened One. We cross from unconsciousness to become fully alive. Our goal as a soul is to have full Knowledge and full blooming. This development, which goes step by step, is called universal life. When we become perfected at it, we can enter Eternal Life. Whether you know it or not yet, anyways, we all are going to that ultimate goal, our Destiny. As long as we are going, the knowledge – consciousness is growing. We question: Who am I ? Why do I live? Where am I going? And with the answers that come, the consciousness and the self become larger and deeper. Thus our quest for reality continues. We are searching in every direction for true answers. At times it can make us feel hopeless, especially while in a world of crisis. Is there really a satisfying answer? Will my search be rewarded? How to get the True Insights? ‘MahaVad’ is giving the keys for you to unlock the doors to Real perception. In fact it is only Realizations that satisfy our soul. ‘MahaVad’ has come into your life on time, out of necessity. It makes us self conscious and helps us to find our identity. It also gives a simple and sure method for self–development and realization. ‘MahaVad’ gives us the perfect way and method thru which we can develop ourselves. We need not retreat from society and responsibilities. We can continue living a family life, with a job and all that we need. We can get full success thru this system. With continued practice, our life will be changed soon. We become complete beings, and successful in what we do. Knowledge, peace, and love become our life companions.

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