Connecting Emotions, Learning & Technology (CELT)

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Emotions can Improve the Quality of our Lives

How are emotions, learning, and technology connected? How can emotions and technology improve our lives? I've been thinking a lot about feelings and how emotions are a huge part of our lives. Are we just a bundle of emotions that are dictating what and how we do things? Are we making decisions based on emotions that arise out of nowhere? I hope not. I hope we can view our emotions as just that and not let them interfere with how we behave and relate to others.

Emotional Intelligence is the term used in education and in the business world to discuss how who we are and how we can make the most of our lives. So shouldn't we all learn about our emotions and how to respect other people for being just like us, human beings with emotions? I created a free online course called connecting emotions, learning & technology (CELT) on WizIQ to share my experiences because I believe it's important to tap into our emotions. How is technology connected to emotions?

Technology & Emotions

I have been teaching English as a foreign and second language in high school and higher education for over 30 years. Emotions are high in school. Teachers are pressured by the administrations who are pressured by the Ministry of Education pressured by the government to get results. Teachers, who are pressured put pressure on students, who are pressured by parents, who want their children to be able to survive financially after they leave school. Lots of emotions that spread everywhere

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