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Andrew Jackson Symbol for an Age An Interdisciplinary Lesson for the Study of Jacksonian Democracy in Virginia & United States History 11 Holly Zuger, Gloucester High School Standard of Learning: VUS.6. The student will demonstrate knowledge of the major events during the first half of the nineteenth century by identifying the economic, political, and geographic factors that led to territorial expansion and its impact on the American Indians (First Americans); describing the key features of the Jacksonian Era, with emphasis on federal banking policies. Additional Learning Objectives to Reinforce SOL VUS.6: The student will understand how Andrew Jackson served as a symbol for the age in which he lived by identifying the characteristics of the distinct American culture that was developing on the Western frontier through the examination of primary sources drawn from American art, music, and literature produced during the Age of Jackson. drawing direct relationships between Jackson’s political career as the Western champion of the common man and the natural themes of contemporary American art, music, and literature. Present to Students the Textbook’s Information on the Jacksonian Era. Emphasize the new democratic spirit in American politics and increased participation of the common man in the electoral process through the institution of universal white manhood suffrage. Stress that Jackson distrusted the Bank of the United States as an undemocratic tool of the Eastern elite.

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