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the evolution of video games

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276 days 10 hours 57 minutes ago


I recently tried to play CS GO, I really liked it.

276 days 12 hours 8 minutes ago

Goose Washington

There are many cool video games which I really like and I hope that they will bring me more money. For example, now I make stakes on dota 2 and cs:go. So, this site usually helps me to make the right decisions.

550 days 4 hours 46 minutes ago


I don't like modern video games either. Well, not all, but most of them. They don't give me enough emotions, enough competition. That's why I decided to try poker games on and I really liked them. Yeap, playing IRL with friends is more enjoyable but during the pSee more

566 days 4 hours 33 minutes ago


I don't like how videos games develop.

566 days 6 hours ago

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