6.041 / 6.431 21.Bayesian Statistical Inference - I

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“It is the mark of truly educated people to be deeply moved by statistics.” -Oscar Wilde.

This lecture notes introduces Bayesian Statistical Inference .In addition, it covers it covers Types of Inference models/approaches :Hypothesis testing, Estimation,Classical statistics and Bayesian, Bayesian inference: Use Bayes rule,Output of Bayesian Inference,Least Mean Squares Estimation , LMS Estimation of Θ based on X and LMS Estimation w. several measurements

Instructors: Prof.Dimitri Bertsekas, Prof. John Tsitsiklis, MIT Course Number: 6.041 / 6.431 Level: Undergraduate / Graduate , 6.041 / 6.431 21.Bayesian statistical inference - I, Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT Open Course Ware, http://ocw.mit.edu (11-11-2011). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA: http://ocw.mit.edu/terms/#cc.

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