Nombres Plurales

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This is an 8 page handout with worksheets covering the spelling rules for making Spanish nouns plural. It is designed for beginners (level A1-A2). The first page gives the spelling change rules. Page 2 has practice for writing the nouns presented on page 1 in the plural, as well as an exercise identifying photos in the plural. Page 3 presents some new nouns to be written in the plural and a matching exercise with photos and nouns. Page 4 is a crossword puzzle. Page 5 reviews and provides practice with nouns that are always use the plural form. Page 6 presents and provides practice with a different set of nouns that always use the plural form. Page 7 presents a third set of this type of plural noun with a missing letter practice exercise. Page 8 is a word search for the nouns presented on page 7.

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