10 Critical Questions for More Sales and Profits Part One

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This session shares the ten critical questions that every business person should know BEFORE launching their company.

These questions include the areas of personal, business, industry, marketing, sales and the web. The answers to these questions will create the foundation for the business. If these students can answer these questions, it will help improve their probability for success. Students will come away with specific practical action steps to improve their sales and profits. They will learn specific strategies, tactics, ideas and tools to increase sales and improve profits. This is a important class that you need to increase your sales and improve your profits. This is a critical class and can make a significant impact on your company. That is if you commit to completing all questions, action items and homework assignments. The information that you will learn will help you build a more successful business. Don't miss this one!

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Kenneth Darryl Brown
B2B Sales 2.0 Coach and Consultant -- Sales, Web & Profit Evangelist!

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