Is Your Business a Hobby, Job or a Profitable Enterprise? (Quiz)

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Is your business a hobby, job or profitable enterprise?

Are you working the business or is the business working you? Do you feel that you are working for your employees? Is your business a profitable enterprise or just a glorified hobby or job? Do you have a large database of prospects? Are you converting enough leads into great clients? Are your revenues and profits increasing? This class is for new business owners or individuals who have been in business for less than five years or existing companies that are looking for new ideas and strategies to maximize business opportunities. It uses a 25-question assessment tool to determine a company’s business readiness. This is a important class that you need to increase your sales and improve your profits. The information that you will learn will help you build a more successful business. Don't miss this one!

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Kenneth Darryl Brown
B2B Sales 2.0 Coach and Consultant -- Sales, Web & Profit Evangelist!

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