Understanding the Buyer & Seller Process for More Sales and Profit

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What is more important, the buyer process or YOUR selling process? Unfortunately most companies and think it all about them. They focus on their own company, products and services. It is human nature to focus on your own goals and needs. Buyers feel the same way. They also, want to focus on their own goals, wants and needs. They have a selection process. They search online and they are looking for more information. Did you know that ninety-six percent of all website visitors, have questions and are searching for answers and solutions. Only four percent are ready to buy. Most individuals want to buy and not be “sold”. As you have your own selling process, buyers have one too. To be a success, must learn what the buyer's process. This class, helps you better understand the buyer's process.

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Kenneth Darryl Brown
B2B Sales 2.0 Coach and Consultant -- Sales, Web & Profit Evangelist!

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