10 Reasons Business Should Embrace The Web to Increase Sales PT 1

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This class provides attendees a broad overview of how business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage the the web to increase sales & profits.

The world has changed and so has how we do business. Traditional sales strategies and tactics costly, inefficient and are no longer as effective.

The Internet has become a powerful tool to increase business opportunities and promote better brand awareness. Business owners and entrepreneurs who embrace the web can have a distinct advantage over the competition.

Specifically, this class will answer the following questions:
Why should you embrace the web to increase sales and profits?
Why change?
What do I need to know?
How are others resolving this issue?
What are some practical ideas for increasing sales & profits?
What are best practices?
What are my options?
What kind of expertise is needed?
How do I evaluate prospective company?

Kenneth Darryl Brown, “The Sales, Web and Profit Evangelist”, of eWeb 2 Sales and Profits will share ten specific ideas that attendees can use to increase sales and profits by using the web, company website, social and new media: Increase lead generation, Improve sales conversion, Increase sales, Reduce expenses, Improve cash flow and profits Control costs
Reduce expenses by using the web, your company website, social and new media.

First, Ken will share how to build a foundation for a successful business. Next, he will share ten practical ideas that every business owner needs to know to turn visitors and prospects into better leads and more sales.

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Kenneth Darryl Brown
B2B Sales 2.0 Coach and Consultant -- Sales, Web & Profit Evangelist!

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