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Create and publish your QR Codes in minutes for free. Send people to landing webpage, open up an email or direct a link to call your phone.
Learn how to create, publish online and set for printing.
Security Market Brokers
Business Development
QR Coders
Added Service (advertising etc) - use as a service to your customers that gives their business a modern look.

QR Codes can send your student/client to:
Image and other..

You can give qr code links to many things other than product listings.


Support Email - help your students/clients online.
Forms and Survey landing pages - create free using Survey Monkey.
Class Calendar - due dates, seminars (webinars), links to resources etc.

There is no limit to using qr codes other than your imagination and time.

There is more to learn - this introduction should inspire you to find out the do's and don'ts of creating qr codes for PRINT, websites and othe media.
You can print codes onto just about anything, learn more and use them in your marketing and class materials.

QR Codes are
We offer you a selection of free and paid qr code generators.
#1 - Free for commercial use - creative color picker and more.

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