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The world is going online and so is the teaching community. WizIQ''s Virtual Classroom is the perfect solution for teachers looking to move or supplement their offline classes with, online virtual classes. Conducting a virtual class is absolutely dream like simple and easy with WizIQ. All you need is a webcam, a mic and a good internet connection. Learn how you can get started with your very own Virtual Classes in this Presentation

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• Jika terkena udara basah akan terbentuk karat (Fe2O3. nH2O).
Reaksi pembentukan karat, yaitu
• Bereaksi dengan uap air panas.
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Fe + uap air panas (stoom) akan menghasilkan H2 (pembuatan H2 secara teknik).
Reaksi :
• Bereaksi dengan semua asam.
Reaksi :
http://goo.gl/GPxl0D http://bit.ly/2bz25NV

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