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Project Time Management
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Exciting game, where you will show the wonders of the . Get behind the wheel of a sports car and drive it to the limit while pressing the brake and taking the car in a controlled skid. Show all your skills extreme driving and drifting burn rubber on the race trackSee more

247 days 12 hours 23 minutes ago

Richard Tyson

It was quite useful information! This is something I'm just getting started with, but I'm getting a lot better at it! Thank you so much for your help, and keep up the good job!

265 days 44 minutes ago


Great presentation. In our modern life time is the most important resource and we need to spend it with high productivity. That's why nowadays time tracking applications like from are popular. You can easily control your team even if you collaborate remotely and improve ySee more

344 days 19 minutes ago

Ahmed El Antary
Experienced Engineering and Management Trainer

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