High Frequency English Word List Part 2

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Again, these are the words from the general service list which have been updated since 1953 from the work of Michael West. The second 1,000 words in the high frequency word these. These are 90-95% of the most common spoken words, and 80% of the most common written ones. Learning these will be important to any new English students' basic vocabulary. This list can be used for review of words already studied, or for vocabulary building of unknown words. I suggest printing it out, I've made it into columns to make it smaller in size, originally it was over 28 pages each 1,000 words. This makes the list easier to carry; just a few pages to go through number the words you know the meaning of; maybe put a mark next to words you're not sure how to pronounce; and yet a star or different mark next to words you don't already know. There's several ways to know a word: recognizing it, knowing it's meaning, knowing how to say it or when you hear it spoken. Keep this in mind; many people have good reading skills but poor listening or speaking skills; so if you use this list as a self-study guide, please be honest with yourself what your true level is, if you want to improve your English. I will work to include a listening component to go with this list so that you can hear the pronunciation of the words; and I will also update the list with exercises and activities that will help you remember the vocabulary you've already learned. As well as keep flashcards of these words definitions for self-study.

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John Paul Hornbeck
English teacher and cultural expert

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