Social Studies Throughout Time

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This is a lecture for the students of the University of the Philippines Open University. Class members of EDSSE 231 Instructional Planning and Procedures in the Social Studies are required to join or alternatively view the recording. The lecture covers the following: definitions, history of the SS as a field of study, resulting curriculum dispositions in the US and the Phils, as well as current issues related to curriculum and instruction. This session sums up the Units 1 and 2 of the course for students to move on to units related to instructional planning with a clearer understanding of Social Studies. EDSSE 231 aims to equip teachers with a good and sound perspective of Social Studies through a study of elements related to curriculum, and instruction planning for Social Studies teaching. This course allows teachers to see the basis of curricular and instructional approaches already in use in today's classrooms. This course ensures that students also become aware of current instructional innovations to be able to make grounded decisions in their work as teachers, More importantly, the course means to equip teachers with knowledge and skills to effectively craft/design lessons which make for meaningful and engaging Social Studies in their classrooms.
curriculum coordinators or school leaders.

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J. Aleta Villanueva
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