Social media marketing concepts - 101 slides on digital platforms

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101 slides to learn social media marketing. It is something about interactive websites. Web analytics for ROI - Making a good product is only the beginning. It is necessary that people should talk about it and keep talking. If your product is world-class quality the word of mouth will spread easily on the social media platform. If you like it, share it. Presentation by Jyotindra Zaveri.

 Twitter is a leading micro-blogging platform used by most fortune 500 companies (just go to any corporate website and you will find a twitter bird icon. What is that? Why your website is not having one? And if it does, have you build up followers of your own? We are expert in integrating your Twitter id with LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and so on. For instance Mr. Zaveri has hands-on experience and a proven track-record of having hundreds of contacts in the LinkedIn site, Facebook, Twitter and so forth.
 Online marketing platforms or Internet marketing platforms or digital marketing technology or social media marketing or many IT professionals are still debating for the write words, actually these are all synonym; bottom line is marketing using the World Wide Web.
 The brands that will ultimately be the most successful with their social media marketing strategies will be those who understand that social media is not a standalone strategy. It is not by-the-way plan. It must be an essential element in brand communication. Core elements of social media marketing, such as awareness and promotion, must be integrated into the foundation of the overall marketing strategy. Unless you measure your online presence you cannot improve. The best part is you can measure using web analytics tools available from WordPress, YouTube, Scribd, etc. Infusing existing marketing efforts with social media consideration will increase the overall digital visibility of your brand.

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