Practise sheet of GRAPHS for IIT-JEE/AIEEE-2012- TUTORIAL-{4}

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My dear students,
In a wide range of subjects , graphs play an important role in data interpretation and analysis, and serve as a tool for understanding the data in pictorial form.

In IIT-JEE/AIEEE syllabus, graphs are not explicitly mentioned but from the track of past 30-32 years of IIT question papers it can be traced out that graphs play a vital role in answering and interpretation of the analytical and tricky questions.Most of the time JEE aspirants puzzle in between the analytical and graphical approach, few gets depressed while other put their extra time in commanding the graphs.The most important fact about graphs for engineering entrances is the basic understanding of the functions which are mentioned in the syllabus.

Following important facts about graphs should be kept in mind while preparing the subject of mathematics for engineering entrance examinations.

Some of the questions which are based on graphs can also be solved analytically but demands more calculations and extra time.Following basic graphs and their elementary transformations must be prepared exhaustively for their graphical interpretations:

Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions
polynomial functions
exponential and logarithmic graphs
absolute value functions
maximum and minimum functions
multivalued functions
rational functions
greatest integer functions
graphs of coordinate geometry

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L.K. Sharma
Mathematics faculty for IIT-JEE/Math Olympiad/ISI/CMI/KVPY/NTSE.
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