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One of the most important aspects in product development and engineering design is to ad-
equately define the scope of the problem. Often, the problem is stated initially in terms of
vague project requirements. The team must redefine the product requirements in terms of in-
puts, output, and appearances, then convert and link requirements to “technical specifications,”
e.g., performance, accuracy, tolerances, etc. One should keep in mind that “all specifications
must be tested.” Additionally, the team must develop and document “pass or fail acceptance
criteria” for each specification, as well as goals or criteria for success and constraints (part of
scope). Typical goals or criteria for success include aesthetics, performance, quality, human
factors, costs (“initial capital” and “life cycle” costs), safety, operating environment, interface
with other systems, effects on surroundings, logistics, reliability, maintainability (preventive
and corrective maintenance), serviceability, and availability. Constraints usually include the
following factors: budget, time, personnel, legal, material properties, availability of materials,
off-the-shelf purchase versus fabrication/construction, competition, and manufacturability

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