Compound Sentences and Coordinating Conjunctions

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Coordinating conjunctions are the tools used to make compound sentences, an important sentence structure for developing writers. The coordinating conjunctions have different functions, such as showing cause, effect, addition, choice and contrast. This video will explain each one with example sentences, placing emphasis on the high-frequency conjunctions.

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3318 days 6 hours 25 minutes ago


I really like the way of FAN BIYS its really easy to remmember all of the compound sentences.


3318 days 6 hours 28 minutes ago

☻Aisha☻ D

Thanks Sir, this video was a useful one and thanks alot for the memories technic you give us (FANBOYS) I like it very much and I'm going to memories it, so that I achieve the best writing...

3318 days 21 hours 9 minutes ago


This video is one of my best video because it helped me to improve my writing in a very effective way. I also started to love writing from this useful video. I used to hate writing before... I'm not complimenting you Mr. Guy it's the true.......

3327 days 2 hours ago

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