9.4 Betty The Honeymooner: Webclass 3c English

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Classes to accompany the EXLenglish.com course.<br/>Live Webclass Betty The Honeynooner by www.EXLenglish.com<br/><br/>Story: Betty’s big day was ruined by a major allergic reaction to some buttered crabs. She woke up with a bellyache and terrible cramps. And to top it off, her face was burned and inflamed by some earwigs crawling on her during the night. She rushed to the beauty salon to put on some extra make-up. She asked the hair stylist to fix her hair too. But it was cut way too short. Betty was horrified when she looked in the mirror. Her hair looked terrible. Poor Betty burst into tears. Then her limousine ran out of gas on the way to the wedding chapel. The limo was pushed down the highway by Betty for about a mile and a half. She was all sweaty and out of breath when she arrived at the chapel. She wanted to bathe, but there was no water. Then she found out that Bill was locked in the bathroom. Her brothers had beaten Bill over the head with a big brick. In the meantime, her father had gotten drunk and passed out in the foyer. He was unable to keep his balance to walk her down the aisle. The priest and most of the guests had gone home because of the long delay. So, Betty had to call everybody back. The priest was paid a double salary. Betty and Bill’s vows were quickly said when he came back. Then everybody went to the cafeteria for the reception. But there had been a blackout, and most of the food had gone bad. So, warm beverages were drunk by the guests. What little food that had not gone bad was eaten too. There was no music either because the band had left when the priest did. It was a horrible day for Betty. She hoped that her honeymoon would be much better.

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