Market and Scope of M-learning to Promote Education in India

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This presentation was presented by Kalyan Sarkar who spoke on behalf of WiZiQ in Symbiosis International Conference on Open & Distance Learning held in Pune from 21-23 February 2011.

The theme for the conference was "Open and Distance Learning as a Key Growth Driver for Socio-Economic Development"

This presentation focuses on the scope of M-learning in India and how WiZiQ will be pioneering in this field.

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George Machlan

Jai Ho! Even my inside spy at WizIQ kept this secret. Of course I would have told everyone immediately, so it is OK that you guys did not share with me. Is Kaylan Sarkar on your staff? When can I speak with your lead person? I/we at the edupunk are developing a DB that may have import on your beta testing. I have 987 other questions yet to go ;-)

3721 days 23 hours 3 minutes ago

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