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Case-based discussion (CbD) is a structured interview designed to explore professional judgement exercised in clinical cases, selected by the GP trainee and presented for evaluation. The CbD tool has been designed to be used in both hospital and GP settings.<br/>Professional judgement may be considered as the ability to make holistic, balanced and justifiable decisions in situations of complexity and uncertainty.<br/>Deciding how to make this judgement requires many skills including:<br/>To make rational decisions in the absence of complete information or evidence<br/>To take action or even do nothing in such situations.<br/>To recognise uncertainty/complexity<br/>To apply or use medical knowledge,<br/>To apply or use an ethical and legal framework<br/>To prioritise options, consider implications and justify decisions.<br/>Case Based discussion explores these issues.

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Thank you for bringing up this undoubtedly important topic. In fact, after the pandemic began in the world, we really realized how important the field of medicine and health is. Unfortunately, until we really start to experience serious problems, we simply do not pay attention to this area, but, as the practice has shown, people can find decent solutions to problems in stressful situations. In our case, it was a vaccine that was developed in no time, and this is very impressive.

187 days 5 hours 45 minutes ago

Vaikunthan Rajaratnam
Surgical and Life Educator
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