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This document will aide you in using the correct form of a verb. It is recommended that students make it a habit to study the following chart regularly!

Use the document as reference when writing.

Verbs: An action verb expresses action or a state of being and is necessary to make a statement. An action verb tells what someone or something does. Action verbs can express either physical or mental action. An action verb is followed by a word that answers the question what? or whom? it is called a transitive verb.

An action verb that is not followed by a word that answers the question what? or whom? is called an intransitive verb.

Some verbs can be either transitive or intransitive, depending on their use.

Linking Verbs: A linking verb links, or joins, the subject of a sentence with a word that identifies or describes the subject. The most common linking verbs are forms of be. Some examples are:am, is, was, were, will be, has been, and was being. Other verbs that can be linking verbs appear, become, feel, grow, look, remain, seem, sound, smell, and taste

Verb Phrases The verb in a sentence may consist of more than one word. We call the words that accompany the main verb auxillary, or helping verbs

A verb phrase consists of a main verb and all its auxillary verbs. Example: I am apologizing because I have arrived so late. Do you still have time.

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