30 Benchmark Business models and diagrams for presentations

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30 Benchmarkt Business models and diagrams and graphics for powerful business presentations.
Powerpoint, presentations, business, slides, diagrams, charts, Break-even, Financing Life Cycle, Economies of Scale, Elasticity, Sales Cycles Market Potential, Portfolio Matrix, Product Model, Four P's, Push/Pull Strategy, Marketing Mix, PDCA Cycle, SWOT, Value Chain, Ansoff Matrix, BCG Matrix, 7-S Modell, Core Competencies, GE Business Screen, Nine Cell Industry Risk/Reward Diagram, Porter's Five Forces, Industry Competition, Generic Strategies, Geobusiness Modell, Porter's Diamond, Matrix Design, PIMS, Leavitt's Diamond, Belbin's Team Roles, Theory X/Y, Maslow's Hierarchy, Herberg's Theory, Cultural Web, Pareto Curve, CIM Concept, Value Drivers

More diagrams, charts and graphics for direct download on www.drawpack.com
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