Financial Management models and diagrams for business presentations

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100 Financial Management models and diagrams for powerful business presentations and business knowledge.
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Thanks for sharing this, it's really useful for me because I do forex trading and teach about it, If you're interested here you'll find the basics to get started in this. more

49 days 19 hours 46 minutes ago


Charts, charts, charts, this is what you need to be able to operate if you are a good trader, or consider yourself such. In any case, on I learned how to do this. If it were not for this site, I would know very little about trading and it is unlikely tSee more

81 days 12 hours 2 minutes ago

Cherry Stewart

These have been posted here. I am wondering if they are for use by financial educators, or if they are copyright images? They appear to be very useful for inclusion in course material.

2836 days 4 hours 5 minutes ago


very well done. Makes understanding of the subject fairly easy.

3878 days 23 hours 59 minutes ago

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