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An operator is a symbol that operates on one or more arguments to produce a result. The Hello World program is so simple it doesn't use any operators, but almost all other programs you write will.
Operator Purpose
+ addition of numbers, concatenation of Strings
+= add and assign numbers, concatenate and assign Strings
- subtraction
-= subtract and assign
* multiplication
*= multiply and assign
/ division
/= divide and assign
% take remainder
%= take remainder and assign
++ increment by one
-- decrement by one
> greater than
>= greater than or equal to
< less than
<= less than or equal to
! boolean NOT
!= not equal to
&& boolean AND
|| boolean OR
== boolean equals
= assignment
~ bitwise NOT
?: conditional
instanceof type checking
| bitwise OR
|= bitwise OR and assign
^ bitwise XOR
^= bitwise XOR and assign
& bitwise AND
&= bitwise AND and assign
>> shift bits right with sign extension
>>= shift bits right with sign extension and assign
<< shift bits left
<<= shift bits left and assign
>>> unsigned bit shift right
>>>= unsigned bit shift right and assign

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