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This session is in continuation of the previous session on Spanish. This session would touch the topics of numbers: money, time, verb To Be in small doses, regular -ar verb and, vocabulary to expand the beginning conversation. Nancy would also touch on the vocabulary that teachers could use in their classrooms, and students could use in their conversation. The focus on the vocabulary would be to be interactive at the same time. Therefore, the session description could possible state that as the continuation into the Spanish Language experience, participants will learn numbers needed to tell time and work with currency in Spanish Speaking countries. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn regular verbs such as verbs ending in -ar and the verb To Be. All this learning experience will be touched by the cultural notes and comments to immerse the participant in a new cultural experience through a Native Speaker. Participants are required to have watched the previous sessions.

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Kathleen Kuhic

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abhijit bharade

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