Learn Arabic Online Almadinah Part 1/7 book 1

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Alkitab Alasasi to learn Arabic. By Um Al Qura university. This book will be used in the course of "Learn Arabic Online the Easy Way" To register in the course visit the courses page on wiziq. More than one author cooperate to take this book out for the learners.

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Bro Taalib

assalaamu wa alaikum I would like to become a member of a class I have been following the book and the videos and I'm on lessons #11. If I need to I will start from the beginning but I can read the Arabic and have taking other classes in the passed for some years.

1357 days 7 hours 13 minutes ago


assalamu alaikum.
want to follow on line arabic class plz
plz make me know if there wil b any arabic class.جزاك الله خيرا

1960 days 8 hours 30 minutes ago

Afzal Muhammad

جزاك الله خيرا. Let’s all make a firm resolution with the help of الله to learn the Arabic language and taste the sweetness of the Qur’an. It’s amazing once we start to see the pearls.
I am in the process of compiling the Qur’anic vocabulary categorized by grammatical verticals in excel for anyone who is learning Arabic Grammar and wants to understand See more

2177 days 24 minutes ago

Rima Al_Eryani
Computer specialist
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