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A step by step theoretical and practical guidance to learn about Islam and its Basic Rituals and Practices(Evidence Based Practices).<br/>A Coaching and Mentoring Program for New Muslim or whoever wants to know more about Islam or wants to Improve his or her Basic Rituals Practices, especially Salah. <br/>very useful System to develop and devote oneself to Allah and get absolute benefit of Abundance and Tranquility just by realizing the Endless Bounties Allah has bestowed on us and be thankful and pleased with what Allah decreed for us and empowering yourself with Shukar(thankfulness), Sabr(Patience) and Tawakkul(Total dependence) on Allah.<br/>using well proven modern tools and techniques of NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programing)and coaching to help you to Achieve the BEST in your life Here and Hereafter. Help you to get rid off all negative and ill health Habits and false Fears of not Practising your Best and beautiful Deen. Learn about the tricks and traps of Satan and get yourself equipped by seeking Refuge of Allah to fight with your Nafs and Whispers of Satan.<br/>Give rather always looking to Gain.

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Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan

Please drop me a email if you are interested in this program, I am looking to conduct it FREE over multiple session here at WizIq.

3998 days 3 hours 45 minutes ago

Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan

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4204 days 16 hours 21 minutes ago

Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan
Life Transformation Coach- Help people to Achieve Best of Both Worlds
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