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This class is part of the Edupunk Channel. I joined edupunk channel to improve my English language and help the others to learn.The best way to learn a language is to teach it. I am going to practice with you my English by doing some English activities.<br />Our activity today will be reading a short story. You will read with me a short story please check the settings of your headset, so you can read the story and enjoy the class.<br />Note : Our story today is short inspiring story called "The 4 Wives".

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Good Luck

The story has a great message.
Thanks for this tutorial.

3595 days 19 hours 32 minutes ago

syd suliman

this story tell us life is not in hands futuer is coming so we have to see that, enjoying with new wife every three/ four years is good but not for ever.thanks very much

3679 days 19 hours 14 minutes ago

Rima Al_Eryani
Computer specialist
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