Thanksgiving Day in China--SMS transfer

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Send text messages to parents on Thanksgiving Day and want to switch to a new phone? Tell you how to transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone.

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For data transfer between two phones, you can use professional data transfer tool, cuz it is not possible to transfer data between different operation systems. Some professional transfer programs allow you to share data between android phones, or android and iphone without limitations of different operation systems.

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Thanksgiving Day in China : Thanksgiving Day in Ch i na Studio

Slide2 : Cheers. Oh, not to turkeys. They must be sad. What about Chinese People on Thanksgiving Day? Happy Thanksgiving Day

China Don't Have Thanksgiving Day : Chin a Don't Have Thanksgiving Day Yeah, we don't have Thanksgiving Day. After all, we don't have the same experience as American or Canadian did. But we do care a lot about Thanksgiving Day.

Slide4 : There is a saying "To discard the dross and select the essence"(取其精华,去其糟粕) in Chinese , which means to learn something good from others and get rid of bad things. Just like many other western festivals, Christmas, April Fool, Father's Day, etc., Thanksgiving Day has influenced a lot of Chinese. Chinese people have learn ed to thank for the grace from someone on Thanksgiving Day.

Slide5 : Some Chinese would have a wonderful meal on this day, not necessarily turkey though. At school, we are taught that we should give thanks to our parents, teachers and friends on this day. We don't use email too often, but we may send messages to someone we want to thank. Some may also buy gifts for parents or friends.

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Slide7 : Most Chinese people are too shy to express their feelings, so sending text messages becomes a popular way to convey thanks indirectly. You must also have many precious text messages. How do save them since you may switch to a new iPhone.

How to Move Text Messages Safely : How to Move Text Messages Safely If you have to switch from Android phone, say Samsung, to iPhone, you would need to move the data, like SMS, contacts, calendar, photos, music and videos, to new iPhone 6/6S(Plus). Allow Gihosoft Mobile Transfer to help you: 1. Download and install Gihosoft Mobile Transfer on yout computer. 2. Turn on USB debugging on Samsung. 3. Connect Samsung and iPhone to computer. 4. Select file types that you need. 5. Click "Start Copy" to transfer.

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