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Opening Slide with the Schedule of the Book Expo, biographies, book descriptions and select quotes from reviews for all six books represented in the expo.

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Introducing to the Book Expo, November 14th, 2015 : Introducing to the Book Expo, November 14 th , 2015 Presentations Today: 9:30am Eastern, Lisette Coly and Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone, Opening Session 10:00am Eastern, Prof Etzel Cardeña on Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21 st Century 11:00am Eastern, David Jaher on The Witch of Lime Street: Séance, Seduction and Houdini in the Spirit World 1:00pm Eastern, Allene Symons on Aldous Huxley’s Hands: His Quest for Perception and the Origin and Return of Psychedelic Science 2:00pm Eastern, Dr. Ed Kelly on Beyond Physicalism: Towards a Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality 3:00pm Eastern, Dr. Jim Tucker on Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Previous Lives 4:00pm Eastern, Dr. Ed May on Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism and Science (Vol. 1) and Extrasensory Perception: Theories of Psi 5:00pm Eastern, Lisette Coly and Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone, Closing Session

Slide3 : Dr. Etzel Cardeña, the chief editor of Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21 st Century, holds the endowed Thorsen Chair in Psychology (with a remit in parapsychology and hypnosis) at Lund University in Sweden. He has graduate degrees from York University and the University of California, Davis, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. A fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, he has been president of Division 30 of APA, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Psychology, as well as of the Parapsychological Association; his work has received awards from these and other organizations. Cardeña has more than 300 publications, in more than 10 languages, including the two editions of Varieties of Anomalous Experience, Altering Consciousness (in two volumes) , and the e-book Non-Ordinary Mental Expressions for Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. He has also worked professionally in theater and is the Artistic Director of the International Theatre of Malmö in Sweden. Parapsychology , his latest anthology, edited with Dr. John Palmer and David Marcusson-Claverts, was awarded a Parapsychological Association Book Award in 2015. Professor Etzel Cardeña

Slide4 : David Jaher received his Bachelor’s Degree from Brandeis University and an Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from New York University. At NYU, he was the recipient of the WTC Johnson Fellowship for directing. Also a screenwriter, Jaher is a New York native and resident. The Witch of Lime Street: Séance, Seduction, and Houdini in the Spirit World is Jaher’s first book . Published by Penguin Random House, the book is a work of early 20 th century history. In this textured account of the rivalry between magician Harry Houdini and the controversial medium Margery, The Witch of Lime Street tells the tale of the interaction of these iconic lives at a time when science was on the verge of embracing the paranormal. Deborah Blum, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of the Afterlife (2007) wrote “A perfectly told mystery story involving a famed early 20th century medium, who thrilled her followers and puzzled even celebrity skeptics such as Harry Houdini. “ Stacy Horn, author of Unbelievable: Investigations … from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory (2009 ) wrote “Jaher’s meticulously researched account of  Scientific American ’s infamous contest to find an authentic medium had me racing through the pages to find out how it all turns out.” David Jaher

Slide5 : Allene Symons Allene Symons is the author of Nostradamus, Vagabond Prophet: A Novel of His Life and Time and an instructor of communications and media studies at Santa Ana College. She previously worked as a senior editor at Publishers Weekly, Drug Store News , and For the Pharmacist magazines and as general manager of Rizzoli International Bookstore in Costa Mesa, California . Don Lattin, author of The Harvard Psychedelic Club (2010) and Distilled Spirits (2012) wrote “What can be said about the work of Aldous Huxley that hasn’t already been told? Quite a bit, it turns out. In this compelling narrative, Allene Symons uncovers a cache of letters between Huxley and the man who turned him on to psychedelic drugs, using those documents to spin a delightful tale of two men exploring the thin line between mysticism and madness. Symons deftly blends the legwork of a journalist with the passion of a daughter fascinated by her own father’s unlikely foray into Huxley’s inner circle .”

Slide6 : Dr. Edward F. Kelly Edward F. Kelly is a research professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, with interests in psychical research and functional neuroimaging. He is lead author of three previous books: Computer Recognition of English Word Senses ; Altered States of Consciousness and Psi: An Historical Survey and Research Prospectus ; and Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21 st Century . Beyond Physicalism was edited by Kelly, Dr. Adam Crabtree and Dr. Paul Marshall and contains chapters by Dr. Harald Atmanspacher, Dr. Loriliai Biernacki, Professor Bernard Carr, Wolfgang Fach, Dr. Michael Grosso, Michael Murphy, Dr. David E. Presti, Dr. Gregory Shaw, Dr. Henry P. Stapp, Dr. Eric M. Weiss, and Dr. Ian Whicher. Dr. Jeffrey J. Kripal, the J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University wrote “ Beyond Physicalism is much more than a book. It is the intimate expression of a decade and a half of critical but collegial conversations between established scientists and professional humanists around some of the most important but still unsettled questions facing humanity: those involving the nature of mind or consciousness — that is, the nature of us.” Beyond Physicalism received a Parapsychological Association Book Award from 2015.

Slide7 : Professor Jim Tucker Jim B. Tucker, M.D. is Bonner-Lowry Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. He is continuing the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies with children who report memories of previous lives. His overview of the research, Life Before Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children's Memories of Previous Lives , has been translated into ten languages. His latest book, New York Times Best Seller Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives , is a collection of recent American cases he has studied . First issued as a Hardcover in 2013, the Paperback edition was re-issued in 2015. Dr. Tucker was raised Southern Baptist and never considered the possibility of past lives before reading one of Dr. Stevenson's books. He became so intrigued by Stevenson's research that he eventually gave up a successful private practice of child psychiatry to join him in the work . Tom Shroder, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author of Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives (1999), wrote “Jim Tucker is a worthy successor to Dr. Ian Stevenson. He approaches these fascinating cases of children who appear to remember previous lives with an intelligent curiosity, sober judgment, and a real knack for telling a story, which is a good thing, because these are great stories .”

Slide8 : Dr. Edwin C. May Ed May is the president and founder of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. Formerly, he was a director in the U.S. Government's secret ESP program popularly known as STARGATE. His published works include Memoirs of a Psychic Spy: The Remarkable Life of U.S. Government Remote Viewer 001 , several articles in the nuclear physics literature, more than 100 papers in the technical journals of parapsychology, and 300 technical final reports on ESP to the government. He received his doctorate in experimental nuclear physics from the University of Pittsburgh . The two volume anthology Extrasensory Perception (Volume 1: Support, Skepticism and Science; Volume 2: Theories of Psi ) was also edited by Dr . Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, a research associate with the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. Her published work includes Anomalous Cognition: Remote Viewing Research and Theory coedited with Edwin C. May. Professor Stanley Krippner (Saybrook University) wrote “Most mainstream scientists and much of the lay public does not take parapsychology seriously. I doubt that many of them will invest the time and money required to acquire and read these two volumes. Perhaps it is just as well, as they might suffer cognitive dissonance as they discover the rigor, the care, and the discipline involved in what the editors call ‘psi research .’”

Links to buy the books: : Links to buy the books: Parapsychology: A Handbook for the Twenty First Century : http:// The Witch of Lime Street: Séance, Seduction and Houdini in the Spirit World: / Aldous Huxley’s Hands: His Quest for Perception and the Origin and Return of Psychedelic Science: https:// Beyond Physicalism: Toward Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality: https:// Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Previous Lives : http:// Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism and Science (Vol 1) and Theories of Psi (Vol 2 ): http:// links will be given in the individual lectures.

And finally, some housekeeping notes about the Webinars … : And finally, s ome h ousekeeping n otes about the Webinars … Say hello in the chat and let us know where in the world you are If you can hear the audio, please say “yes” in the chat If you can’t hear anything, try logging out and logging back in. If that doesn’t work, let us know in the chat If the sound is there but too quiet, or way too loud, click on the speaker icon at the top of the classroom and toggle your volume up or down by dragging the bar Feel free to comment as we go along, but save your questions and answers for the end of the talk Be friendly and kind-hearted and about all patient if we experience a technological glitch! See you in the first talk at 10:00am!

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