Consultancy QcFinance India

Consultancy QcFinance India

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Qcfinance India : Qcfinance India Shivgan joshi Co founder

Offerings at QcFinance India : Offerings at QcFinance India Analytics – regression, time series, risk: Understanding Risk better for your portfolio Pulling data using Quant DL on R or using VBA to pull Yahoo Images and Data in R – Portfolio Analytics for your holding Automation using Open source: VBA R Latex for Financial research MATLAB for Quant Finance Best practices using Excel: Using VBA smartly for your excel data Excel SQL linkup for backups and data migration Offerings Technology Methodology Services

Projects : Projects Recent Works Concluded in 2014-15: MATLAB for technical analysis for a Middle east bases group VBA for excel automation for UK based financial company SQL Excel integration for your data for Indian outsourcing company (which was then sourced to US Insurance company) Regression analysis on R and charts in R Recent Projects

Challenges for a Startup : Challenges for a Startup By Shivgan joshi

What can you do to beat the big players : What can you do to beat the big players Trying new things Working on arbitrages Use more automation High risk high reward games Less dependency on humans Cutting cost down drastically Working with multi skilled people and being multi skilled yourself

QCFinance Solutions : QCFinance S olutions Poorly-understood , legacy framework mostly into excel—dilapidated on unknown, unstated assumptions Slow process of calculations Un-scalable excel models that are difficult to maintain, improve, replicate or extend Increased pressure, requiring added reporting and enhanced auditing Lack of in-house research resources for SQL, R, Latex – all of which are open source (free – with no extra burden) Over-reliance on external novel untested software from vendors Creating multi skilled labor force Unforeseen, undocumented, forgiven, hidden cost of issues like below are bringing your valuations down

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Why Elance or Odesk is not the best idea? : Why Elance or Odesk is not the best idea? Transfer of knowledge – Trainings to create value for your startup One desk for all support (all support would come from one place) Flexible billing (engagement vs task) Dedicated resources - virtual assistant Long term engagement of many months Target to create multi skilled labour

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Legacy Pricing Models : Legacy Pricing Models Project Based We do project that range from 1 week to 8 weeks The idea here is to the deliverable ready, tested and working This is useful when you have no resource at your end who could be trained and assisted or the resource at your end already knows the stuff and he is busy Advantages: faster turnaround Consultancy hours We will help developers are you end via screen sharing to develop and enhance thing In this ways you train your asset in US / Israel to lead the things We can train the resource and make him ready Advantages: Training and development

A Sample Project based model : A Sample Project based model Suppose a project requires 20 hours at the cost of 25$ / hour Either you can $500 or pay per hour of consultancy and get it built at your end with screen sharing support You can mix consultancy hours with this project based model Time Payment Completion Initiation 10% (or 10% of 500 =$50) 0% Mid way 40% (or $200) 50% Post Completion and Delivery and Knowledge Transfer 50% (or $250) 100%

Consultancy Hours : Consultancy Hours Analyst would login using remove service to your system and he will do things at your system. Unlimited Interruptions and questions allowed. Its just hours so no guarantee of project completion

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