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Female, 47 Years|Cairo, Egypt

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About Maysa Mohamed

I am an Arabic teacher, from Egypt. I am teaching for more than 14 years. I have experience in the internation Educational Projects.Attending a contact seminar in Waraickshire UK from 16th Oct. to 23rd Oct. 2009. I used to run courses for ICDL. I had the MOS in power point. Have the ability to teach English as a second language. I am a trainer to teachers in my country in a programe called "Intel Teach To The Future". I am the admin of my school's account on a website called "".

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Arabic (Languages)
Language of Instruction: English
Basic Arabic second language
English (1st - 4th Grade)
Language of Instruction: Arabic
basic English second language
Windows XP (Computer: Operating Systems)
Language of Instruction: English
Teaching Experience

How can you read the Holly Quraan correctly

l.G.L.S, Egypt

Sep 2002 - May 2010



CSI, Egypt

Feb 2006 - May 2010



Local authority, Egypt

Feb 2006 - May 2010


Teacher, Coordinator for the international educational projects

l.G.L.S, Egypt

Mar 1996 - May 2010

Arabic frist and second language, ICT, English second language, Ms word, Ms powerpoint, windowsxp, plan educational project partner country.

Have a partnership with schools in UK, and Romania. Coordinator for the international educational projects. The admin to my school account in website called It is an Educational site for an Orcal foundation.

Professional Experience
Project Learning Institute
Oracle Education Foundation, Cairo, Egypt
Feb 2010 - Mar 2010

This traning based on how can teachers around the world use the Oracle Education Foundation website"" in a ideal way to communicate with other teachers and students in many educational projects.

Active Learning
B.C, Cairo, Egypt
Feb 2010 - Feb 2010

This course based on how can teachers create an active and creative environment inside their classes using a new methods of teaching.

Internationalism in Education Projects- based learning
B.C, Egypt
Aug 2009 - Aug 2009

This workshop based on how can we organize the educational projects using which called Backward design.


Advanced level English course

American Culture Center, Egypt

May 1995 - Jun 1996

The Faculty of Education

Egyptian university, Egypt

Sep 1991 - May 1995

Professional Exams & Certifications


Cairo, Egypt

Year Of Passing: 2008


Cairo, Egypt

Year Of Passing: 2008


Cairo, Egypt

Year Of Passing: 2008

TOT- E- school

Cairo, Egypt

Year Of Passing: 2008

Intel Teach to the Future

Cairo, Egypt

Year Of Passing: 2006

by Eman posted on 25 September, 2011

Hello, Maysa!
I'm so glad to have this opportunity with you all! It's a great course from a great teacher and I'm sure we all will be learning a lot from you. I'm so thankful that you'll let me in this course.

by Larisa Romashkina posted on 24 September, 2011

Maysa, you are a great teacher)) I`m sure your students adore you)

by posted on 22 September, 2011

The class was very useful.I enjoyed it l loved it

by Vardah Ansari posted on 31 July, 2011

MashaAllah it was a very interesting and interactive class. May Allah reward the sister for her efforts!Ameen

by عائشة بنت اكرم posted on 31 July, 2011

Ma sha ALLAH i learned alot from Teacher Maysa.Whatever she speaks is coming from heart thats why it effects others hearts :) and increase eman.May ALLAH reward her Ameen

by heni nuraini posted on 09 July, 2011

much much caring for all students masha Allah...may Allah rewards all ur works, teacher Maysa

by NOHA Arabic posted on 09 July, 2011

nice teacher & very excellent

by yarammk posted on 09 July, 2011

السلام عليكم

by m saulat nawaz posted on 20 February, 2011

superb teaching great teacher

by m saulat nawaz posted on 25 January, 2011

superb teaching

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