Lena Yeremyan

Experienced English Language Teacher, Teacher Trainer
Female |YEREVAN, Armenia

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About Lena Yeremyan

I am a teacher of English and American Studies (TEA). If you join my classes, you'll learn to communicate in English. I am just the expert English language teacher / tutor, who meets all the learning goals you need for your English language improvement, for your English language oral speech development and for your better academic achievement.
I teach pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, sentence structure and listening. I pay special attention to conversational English language development. I teach the learners how to learn and this helps them to collaborate and communicate on any theme or subject area easily and freely just from the very first lesson. The learners are very active in my classes. I am very flexible in working with learners of any age and any level. In general I teach kids, teenagers and adults. My classes are productive, result-oriented and full of joy. I also conduct individual classes for those learners who need help in overcoming homework task difficulties, for those who need test or TOEFL test preparation or any type of academic work support to advance in learning. By attending my classes the learners will get fundamental knowledge of English and will be able to participate in discussions, share with ideas, confer and communicate in any professional field or in any life content. I speak English, Armenian and Russian. Besides English I teach Armenian and Russian as well.

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Online Teaching

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Teaches following Subjects/Exams
English (1st - 4th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English
Alphabet and Numbers, Personal Pronouns, Personal Pronouns Activities, Nouns, Category Nouns Activities, Present simple -, Activities, Self-introduction

English language teacher

V. Brusov State Linguistic University, Armenia

Aug 1969 - Jul 1974

Was specialized as an English language teacher and got a Diploma

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