William O. Epps Jr

CANTON, United States

Member since: Aug 19, 2009

Last active on: Aug 19, 2009 at 09:54 AM (EST)

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Language of Instruction: English
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New & Living Way Ministries, United States

Nov 1994 - Aug 2009

Bible Studies

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New & Living Way Ministries, Ohio, United States
Nov 1994 - Aug 2009

minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 33 years.
I Served 18 1/2 years as a 5-fold Evangelist and 15 years as a Pastor. I was called to the office of the Apostle in 1996. I serve as founder of the International Council of Apostle & Prophets. Further serve as a conference speaker and I host an annual conference here in Akron, Ohio.

Publications and Research
The Father's Such
Apostle William Epps Mahiri

I have written a book called the Father's Such. It is an end-time view of the prophet move of God in the Church. It is written to reveal what the Body of Christ must evolve in. I currrently have a book ready to be published called Go Get Benjamin. It is a book of reconciliation and another book currently being written.

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