Jeff Langr

Java Teacher
Male, 57 Years|SOUTHLAKE, United States

Member since: Jan 21, 2009

Last active on: Jan 16, 2014 at 09:21 AM (EST)

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Java (Computer: Programming)
Language of Instruction: English
agile, TDD, OO
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Langr Software Solutions, United States

Aug 2003 - Present

Java, OO, TDD, agile, C++, C#

I'm the sole proprietor of Langr Software Solutions ( I've worked with dozens of US Fortune 500 companies to train them in software development. I've written two books, including Agile Java, and contributed recently to Uncle Bob Martin's book Clean Code.


Object Mentor, United States

Oct 2000 - Jul 2002

agile, XP, TDD, Java, C#


BS, computer science

University of Maryland University College, Maryland, United States

Sep 1982 - Jun 1990

Attended part-time at Maryland while pursuing career

Publications and Research
Agile Java: Crafting Code With Test-Driven Development
Langr, Jeff

700+ pages, published in 2005; teaches agile, Java, and TDD simultaneously.

Essential Java Style
Langr, Jeff

published in 1999

over 80 published articles
Langr, Jeff

I've authored many articles on software development that have been published on various sites or in print magazines

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