Tosca Killoran

IB Teacher, Digital Learning Coach, Author, TEDx Organizer
Female |BANGKOK, Thailand

Member since: Mar 05, 2014

Last active on: Mar 24, 2015 at 10:37 PM (EST)

About Tosca Killoran

Tosca Killoran has been teaching in the IB international community in Asia and Europe since 2000. Currently, she is a digital learning coach at NIST in Bangkok. As a doctoral candidate, Tosca’s published research focuses on innovation in education. She co-founded ED-ucation Publishing in order to help drive education forward with technology. Her published children’s books ground the use of EDTech in citizenship. She founded TEDxYouth@BIS, TEDxYouth@NIST and works with TEDx as well as other organizations such as Meatless Monday, and Taking it Global in order to create opportunities for youth to become empowered change agents.

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
PYP (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Learner Profile, PYP, Character Ed, Service Learning, EdTech, Digital Learning
All (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
PYP, ICT, Core subjects
Teaching Experience

Digital Learning Coach

NIST, Thailand

Jul 2014 - Present


Early Learning Team Leader

BIS, Germany

Aug 2010 - Jun 2014

PYP, Early Years Education

Grade 1 PYP Teacher

WISS, China

Jun 2008 - Jun 2010


Early Years, Grade 3 Teacher

SAIS, Korea, Republic of

Apr 2000 - Jun 2008

Early Years, US Grade 3 curriculum


EdD Candidate

University of Bath, United Kingdom

Jan 2012 - Present


GMU, United States

Jun 2006 - Jun 2008


ACAD, Alberta, Canada

Jan 1995 - Jun 1999

Associations & Membership
United States
Aug 2010 - Present

TEDxYouth@BIS 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Publications and Research
Sustained student action in the PYP: A multi-staged action research project
Tosca Killoran, Jeff Hoffart, Adam Bourret

The purpose of this study was to examine authentic student-generated action within an IB school. The study aimed to examine and reflect on action as part of the planned, taught and assessed curricula. The study was conducted at an international school in Germany using an iterative process of data collection on a convenience sample of 36 PYP students and 7 PYP teachers. Reflective analysis of the data collected contributed to the final understanding of sustained action within the learning community. Instruments that included qualitative surveys, checklists and reflective journaling were used to collect data specific to the various research sub-questions. We determined a need for a definition of action and discovered that students’ action was rudimentary and required more support – in the form of an action phase document and explicitly taught skills – in order for it to be sustainable. Furthermore, we developed a resource website that supported teachers in fostering student-led sustainable action. Future research could entail whole-school data collection inclusive of the MYP and DP programmes in order to develop a cohesive definition, philosophy and curricula that support sustainable action at the school.

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