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Communicating in WizIQ

Communicating in WizIQ

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Coordinator and Facilitator of Moodle based blended courses at Certificate and Post-graduate Diploma level. University Jose Antonio Paez, Valencia, Venezuela.

Originally from Liverpool, England, Tom has been living in Venezuela for the last 38 years. A retired scientist, he has been a Coordinator and Facilitator at Certificate and Diploma level at the Centro de Extensiones de la Universidad Jose Antonio Paez in Valencia since 2006. He has designed, and teaches bimodal and 100% on-line classes via Moodle and WizIQ (both in English and Spanish) in the area of "Culture and Language", Oriental Philosophy, and Professional/Technical Language for Japanese and English. He also gives face-to-face classes in both English and Japanese Conversation.

Tom has taken various courses in on-line education over the past few years, specializing in Moodle and WizIQ as LMS', and is a qualified international expert in e-Learning Processes, Digital Media and Moodle (both in English and Spanish). He is currently studying for his Doctorate in e-Learning. He has also co-moderated (and still does) the very popular M4TALL Moodle, BlogFestivals, SL and ELT-T MOOCS.