Toks Onabanjo

Project Manager and business system analyst
Male, 70 Years|30008, United States

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About Toks Onabanjo

Senior Project Manager IITA Inc:

•Involved with stakeholders including sponsors in Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing projects. Involving conceptual design review, preliminary review, critical review by the project team and final reviews by the stakeholders, Executing, Monitoring and control, and Closing all projects
•Manage the work involved in a project in terms of: Competing demands for scope, time, cost, risk, and quality, Stakeholders with different needs and expectations, Identified requirements
•Manages the project budget and staffing allocations, sets the project schedule. Responsible for arranging project reviews, providing status reports, and so on
•Manage communication via project performance status meetings, project team meetings and program meetings every six weeks to resolve resource conflicts and other issues with (Intra) between (inter) projects and also regular informal meetings including emailing
•Creating and monitoring detailed project plans with deliverables and due dates to ensure successful delivery of all components
•Utilized resources with adherence to schedule dates to ensure successful project completion
•Facilitated communication and took specific actions necessary to meet program objectives.
•Documented and communicated project status with timely identification, tracking, and resolution of project risks and issues to management.
•Strict adherence to the Enterprise Project Life Cycle methodology at all times.
•Involved in the development of the necessary project deliverables.
•Participated in the closing processes of projects or phases with adequate documentation of lesson learned, final payments and distribution of final reports and ensured that stakeholders’ expectations were met.
• Knowledge of project management tools and techniques for all the 42 process groups apart from those of the main group notable; Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Project Management Professional Certification (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Project Management
Professional Development Units (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Project Management concepts Implementation ERPs
Teaching Experience

Project Management

IITA , United States

Jan 2005 - Jan 2011

Project Management

Organized and implemented workshops, conferences on Project management online and face to face in many cities across the US and African states. Hundreds got empowered either through certification and getting better upgrade jobs or through enhancement of their skills for better performance on their jobs leading to increase in their pay packets

Professional Experience
Senior Program Manager
IITA, Georgia, United States
Jul 2010 - Jan 2011

Project Manager and Educator with more than nineteen years of experience working with the executive management to develop and implement strategic outsourcing solutions using information technology as toolkits and managed IT solutions costing over $27m.



Georgia State University, Georgia, United States

May 2007 - Nov 2008

Got all As and just one B in all the courses for this progam (M.S Education - Math & Science)


City University, United Kingdom

Sep 1985 - Sep 1986


University of Lagos, Nigeria

Sep 1982 - Sep 1983

Graduated in Special Grade


University of Bradford, United Kingdom

Sep 1980 - Sep 1981

Professional Exams & Certifications

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Georgia, United States

Year Of Passing: 2010

Master Project Manager

Georgia, United States

Year Of Passing: 2009

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