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"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." - Chinese proverb

However you came to discover this page, a link, a friend's suggestion, or merely random, let me welcome you! When you seek out information, you have decided you require more in your life. More depth, more understanding, and even more clarity could be what you are seeking. Whatever you wish to call it, it is enlightenment you are seeking.

There are many programs, books, cd's and meditations which can lead you to your personal enlightenment. All of which fit someone. There are many paths to enlightenment, all of which lead to the land of Golden Knowledge. The Discovering Your Enlightenment Spiritual Learning Series is just such a road for some spiritual seekers.

This program is unique as it was one of the pioneers of webinar learning. It is both stationary and interactive, therefore it is accessible to everyone, regardless of country or time zone. The teachings, however, is what sets DYE apart from other programs. As the teacher (Tina Michelle), I have learned more about metaphysics than I ever thought I would. As they say, if you want to learn....teach. Now, I want to share with you what I have discovered. Before we go onward, let's look at what you should look for in a mentor/teacher.

Long Term Effects of This Series -

Many people endeavor to enhance their own intuitive abilities. What many fail to understand is that intuition is a residual effect of Metaphysics. In other words, when you proceed to discover your enlightenment, your natural intuition begins to expand. The psychic sense is nothing more than an invisible muscle. The more it is challenged and exercised, the more strength it will have.

Psychic abilities are a natural occurrence. Here is an example of what I mean. We set out to make a beautiful wooden cabinet. We select the best hardwood we can find (the teacher), we draw out our design (we set our course), we then begin to cut away that which is not needed for our cabinet, (meaning, we begin to learn which direction to go into, and proceed to process that into something great). What we are left with is a piece that needs sanding for a finish and a lot of sawdust. The sawdust is useable (just ask a circus), but it is the by-product of the wood. It is not what we were in search of, but one of the extras we obtained. So, to make a long story short, my job is to teach you the roots of your soul progression. Anything that accompanies that is great! If it is something that can be used (in this case psychic abilities, as a by-product), it merely doubles the gifts you will receive.

Choosing The Right Teacher For You! -

Research Your Choice - One of the most important things to remember is this, most popular does not mean "the best". With the right amount of marketing, anyone can appear to be experienced and developed. This is not necessarily so, and I highly recommend speaking to others who have taken their courses. Do the research. Whomever you work with will have a profound effect on you. Their guidance and teaching will help you to discover your own path. Be sure your tour guide into spirituality knows the back and side roads and detours that tend to arise, not just the freeway and shortcuts.

Know Your Type - Metaphysical (Spiritual) teachers are just like any other teacher, they have many different teaching styles, specialties and personalities. This means it is very important you know what style of teacher works best for you. If you are soft and gentle spirited, a 'rough-around-the-edges' teacher will be abrasive to you. On the other hand, if you are scientifically based and end up in a class where mythology and fantasy are the bases, you will be stressed and feel frustrated. As in any major investment, you should be able to interview the person you are working with for the next few weeks, months or years (based on the program you are interested in). If they are beyond your reach to speak to personally, then they will always be beyond your reach. Know that in advance. Any student interested in taking my full course will be mutually interviewed to assure us both we are a match.

Support - When a person is awakening and growing, there is nothing more important than support. This doesn't mean you can call your teacher at 3 am crying over a dream you had. It does mean, however, at some stage you should be able to converse directly with your mentor or at least others in your group, to reflect and share.

Activity Level - How active do you expect to be in your growth? Do you want to read a book on the topic and be done with it? Do you expect hands on encouragement and exercises? Or, are attending a week-end lecture enough for you? You have to know how much YOU want to participate in a program before deciding on a a teacher. Know the activity level you expect of your teacher, and what they expect of you.

Growing and Going - Will your teacher be quickly outgrown? If you are investing in a program where you are already almost as advanced as your teacher, you will quickly outgrow them. Sometimes this is fine, perhaps they had one missing piece to teach you that gave you the power to move onward. This can end up costing you a lot of money as you move from teacher to teacher, as well as never allowing you to dig deeply into yourself by being challenged beyond what you already know. This is where researching is the best for you, and more important than ever.

Who Benefits From DYE? -

As A Spiritual Councilor - If you have been doing sessions for a while, or your long-term goal is to take your intuitions to a new level, then this class should enhance each avenue you can use to work with your clients. A variety of techniques are taught, including: Psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and so much more. At the end of the series I will offer to work with students in a limited format with a specialty card deck. We will push your abilities to expand into a full scope of understanding. As stated above, the "how" and the "whys" of things are significant in assisting yourself or your client in righting themselves after becoming imbalanced.

As A Healer - If you are already in a healing practice, or know your path is leading you toward healing, this class can open so many additional channels for you. Your ability to heal on a deeper, intellectual and emotional level, accompanied by your modality of choice, can accelerate your abilities. Several of my past and current students are Reiki masters, Massage Therapists, Reflexologiest, and a variety of other modalities.

As A Seeker Of Knowledge - When you begin this program, I ask where you are in your development. The seeker is someone who may not consider themselves to be "psychic" but does have some understanding of their intuition. As the seeker, it is always exciting to begin with the lessons we have scheduled (see here). This does not mean you will never offer your abilities and knowledge to another. And, during the program or afterwards at some point, you may hear the "Calling" to serve others on a professional level. That will be your choice, but I ask that if using my name as a reference you finish the program first. Once you have finished the program successfully, and if you are interested in setting up a practice of your own, I will list you on the website as completed the program.

Why Do I Need Training? -

When I first started teaching, I let the first student decide when they were ready to "go out and help people". I did her a terrible disservice to her by not fully preparing her for what lay ahead. When you begin to develop your intuition and turn it into psychic abilities, you will begin to be more and more accurate on predictions, on reading energy and sensing imbalances. This can lead to an immediate "I am ready because people are telling me I am accurate". From my experience it is dangerous, and may be a huge mistake to venture out professionally before your tool belt has all you will need to build your reputable practice.

There are two ways of learning, it is said. A Master watches another and learns by their mistakes, while a fool must learn through experience. I confess, I am a "I gotta see and be it to get it" type of girl. It has been painful and hard. I hope to share what I have learned so that you do not have to go through such difficulties, and you can take the Master's path vs. the path of the fool.

Being educated in the "how" and "why's" is almost more important that the accuracy of the hit in a reading. Meaning, yes it is nice to get an accurate hit in a session, such as someone has been divorced 3 times. Yippee! Good for you! Now what? There is so much more to it then just this. (This applies to those who want to go to be professional healers/readers, or just to expand themselves to help those family and friends they love).

What is the underlying issue in this "divorced 3x's" person's life? Perhaps it is based in their past lives, how do you go about releasing that past life tie? Perhaps it is an emotional imprint from childhood. How do you disconnect from that imprint, and even more importantly, how to keep it at bay? Or, could it be a chakra malfunction? How can you decipher the difference? How do you work on healing that malfunction and re-balancing it? Now can you see that just telling someone "you've been divorced 3 times" and being accurate is just the beginning of working with your client.

The costs vary from class to class if purchased independently, and several can be seen as bundles, making them more cost effective for you.
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The Human Race
KY, United States
Jan 1962 - Present

I take great care not to join organizations. I believe in group karma, as well as personal karma.

Publications and Research
Sometimes Its The Journey, Not The Destination
Tina Michelle

My first publication of my near death expereinces (4 thus far), and my psychic expereinces that came about from those experiences. What I learned, how I was taught and the Angels that entered my life at that point.

Discovering Your Enlightenment Spiritual Learning Series - Soul Mates & Tiwn Flames - Audio Book
Tina Michelle

Seeking our life mates is a long term and often tedious process. This CD uncovers who are soul mates are, and how they differ from Twin Flames. This is a thought provoking audio book/lesson which will assist you in revealing your hidden patterns. One of the main questions that are addressed is "why do I always attract the same mate in a different body?" Learn the possible answer and how you can reverse that pattern.

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