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Tendering for Contracts Training for Small Firms
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About Lloyd Sewell

Lloyd Sewell started in business as an importer of golfing equipment (1988), while living in South Holland, He has both UK and European business experience, expertise in developing and providing training and advice to individuals and small businesses, counselling for new business start-up, providing training on bookkeeping and accounting systems, developing business plans and developing and delivering business training courses. The areas of business services provided include; management consultancy to small firms, business diagnostic, business training, business strategy, e-business solutions and marketing for small firms. He has extensive (IT) experience which began in (1970), he has successfully set up (IT) training centres in the UK, Holland and Germany, other (IT) projects include the development and presentation of several training projects, including Business (IT) for start-up companies for the University of Greenwich. His most recent training project is the SCORM complaint "Tendering for Contracts Training" this was originally delivered in the form of a one-day workshop to small firms and is now available on-line, the core content includes marketing products and services to contract providers, implementing quality management systems, managing contract projects and tender document preparation. The critical success factors of his service provision are based on supplying client’s needs, with innovative solutions that deliver business benefits. His other past activities include, treasurer of Thames Valley Small Business Club, member of a local authority action group, member of a government sponsored executive action program, and member of the Prince’s Youth Business Trust, He has been instrumental in the planning and successful delivery of the first Black Lawyers Conference in London in year 2000. Having lived and worked throughout Europe for over 40 years, he has well developed interpersonal skills.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $50-70 per hour

Group Teaching at $40-50 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $50-70 per hour

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Public Sector Contracts (Business and Management)
Language of Instruction: English
Bids and Tenders
Sales (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Sales, Marketing
Business Planning (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Business Planning
Business Writing (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Business Writing
Priocurement Documentation (Writing)
Language of Instruction: English
Tendering Documentation
Teaching Experience


Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd, United Kingdom

Jan 1995 - Dec 2009

Public procurement - Sales -

• Provided Business Diagnostic Consultancy,
• Provided Business Start Up Planning,
• Developed Business Training Programs,
• Preparation of Business and Marketing Plans
• Provided Business Computing Consultancy and Training
• Developed SME Customer Relationship Management Training,
• Developed Tendering for Contact training project workshop for SME’s
• Completed various Tendering for Contract Documentation,
• Developed Training Program Development – SME Management Skills,
• Web Site Development, eAsset Management, Seminar Development,

IT for Business Startup

Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd, United Kingdom

Aug 2001 - Sep 2001

Business Startup

• Tendering for Contracts Workshop – accredited by SFEDI, a government body
• Business IT Training for new start-up firms at the University of Greenwich - sponsored by SFEDI
• Provided One to One Bookkeeping Training course
• Developed Sales and Sales Management Training Programme for garment manufacturer
• Developed web site to provide support training and information for small to medium enterprise

Professional Experience
Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd, Surrey, United Kingdom
Jan 1995 - Dec 2009

Reg. Consultant: Business Link - Small Business Service
Reg. Lecturer: Protocol Professional Services
Reg. Member: The Institute of Business Consulting
Reg. Consultant: Association of British Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL)

Intuit ~ Financial Management, Bookkeeping Accounting & Payroll Software
Pegasus ~ Accounts Management Software
Paradigm ~ ISO 9000 Software Implementation




University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Sep 2000 - Mar 2002

Golf Club Management
Small Business Skills Workshops Brunel
SO 9000 Implementation

Project Management
Entrepreneurs Workshop
ISO 9000 using Software
Marketing NVQ TDLB
(IT) Contingency Planning
SME e-Commerce Consultancy
Customer Relationship Management
Process Benchmarking
The institute of Business Advisors
E-Business Metrics
Customer Relationship Management
NVQ Assessor
Spend Management

Post Grad Diploma - Information Technology
MBA in Small to Medium Enterprise Management
NVQ Assessor – (IT & Customer Care)

Professional Exams & Certifications

NVQ Assessor Level 3

OCR, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 2007


London, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 2002

Grad Diploma in IT

London, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 1998

Associations & Membership
Association of British Credit Unions
Surrey, United Kingdom
Mar 1998 - Dec 2009
Publications and Research
Creating a Level Playing field in UK Public Sector Procurement
Lloyd Sewell

Summary: Our training programme overcomes the perennial ‘chicken and egg’ problem that exists in the area of black SME public sector procurement activity, ensuring that firms receive accredited mentored training and support that will enable them to successfully tender for, win and manage contract project profitably. This is where Tendering for Contracts Training is most effective; being online provides total flexibility for busy managers, supervisors or individuals, with free mentored support. For more information contact: enquiries@tfc-training.com URL: www.tfc-training.com You can read some procurement tips here: www.tfc-training.com/emc_2008/tfct_sme_eproc_newsletter_1.htm

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