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139 Tests found for Verbs
Simple past of regular and irregular verbs
10 Questions | 192 Attempts
Verb, English, Grammar, Tenses
Contributed By: Sandra
English Verbs
20 Questions | 2274 Attempts
English, Language, ESL, Verbs, Grammar
Contributed By: TEC - Tajinder's English Classes
Get Phrasal Verbs - English
10 Questions | 509 Attempts
get, phrasal verb, learn english, aprende inglés
Contributed By: Jessica Ojeda
Look Phrasal Verb - Conversational English
10 Questions | 864 Attempts
look, phrasal verbs, english, english conversation, Bank PO English: Verb, Bank PO English: Fill in the Blanks
Contributed By: Jessica Ojeda
Part 1-Auxiliary verbs.
5 Questions | 181 Attempts
Verb, Learning, English
Contributed By: veronica John
30 Questions | 246 Attempts
irregular, verbs, english, test, amy, karagiannaki
Contributed By: Amy K.
5 Questions | 144 Attempts
Verb, English, Learning
Contributed By: Arveen Singh
How to use Communications verbs
5 Questions | 111 Attempts
Communication, Verb
Contributed By: vanina
Form of verb
7 Questions | 178 Attempts
Verb, Learning, English
Contributed By: Arveen Singh
Review Irregular verbs (basic)
20 Questions | 185 Attempts
TOEFL iBT: Writing, IELTS: Grammar, Basics of Grammar, English, Verb
Contributed By: Tea Time English
10 Questions | 16 Attempts
Verb, Subject Verb Agreement, Subjects, Grammar
Contributed By: Aylin
Phrasal Verbs - OUT (2)
9 Questions | 67 Attempts
phrasal verbs, multiword verbs, english grammar, prepositions
Contributed By: Stephen Jones
Phrasal Verbs
6 Questions | 152 Attempts
Verbs, English
Contributed By: Wafaa Eweis
Part 2- Auxiliary verbs (Used to,Need,dare,might,will,shall)
10 Questions | 135 Attempts
English, Language Learning: English, Grammar, Verb
Contributed By: veronica John
"TAKE" Phrasal Verb
10 Questions | 496 Attempts
English, inglés, phrasal verbs, verbs
Contributed By: Jessica Ojeda
Verb to be, Possessive Adjectives
10 Questions | 102 Attempts
personal pronouns, verb to be, possessive adjectives
Contributed By: Johana Paola Castaneda
Phrasal Verbs
10 Questions | 65 Attempts
Contributed By: Sharon Ng
Modal Verbs
10 Questions | 165 Attempts
Verb, Modals, Learning
Contributed By: Rasha Khader
Three forms of the verb
15 Questions | 123 Attempts
choose the right forms of verbs
Contributed By: richa jain
Use of verb
10 Questions | 70 Attempts
select the approproate verb
Contributed By: richa jain
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