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JEE (Mains) Trigonometry, Vector, Coordinate Geometry-2
10 Questions | 75 Attempts
IIT JEE Mathematics, Mathematics, Geometry, IIT JEE Mathematics: Trigonometry
Contributed By: Anurag Trivedi
JEE (Mains) Trigonometry, Vector, Coordinate Geometry-3
10 Questions | 111 Attempts
Mathematics, IIT JEE Mathematics, IIT JEE Mathematics: Trigonometry, Geometry
Contributed By: Anurag Trivedi
vectors(IIT,AIEE,and other competetive exams
5 Questions | 100 Attempts

Contributed By: AJAY KUMAR
Dynamics Part One
10 Questions | 183 Attempts
Science, Organic Chemistry
Contributed By: Ilango Somasundaram
Assortment of questions for AIEEE, IIT JEE --III
10 Questions | 106 Attempts
AIEEE Physics,IIT JEE Physics,CBSE XI,I.SC,AIPMT Physics
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
Assortment of questions for AIEEE, IIT JEE --IV
10 Questions | 109 Attempts
AIEEE Physics,IIT JEE Physics,XI CBSE,I.SC,AIPMT Physics
Contributed By: Kajal Sengupta
5 Questions | 127 Attempts
Kinematics, Civil Engineering
Contributed By: Himanshu Thakker
Biotechnology: Principles and Processes 02
10 Questions | 130 Attempts
11th-12th grade: Biology
Contributed By: Sajin Sali
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